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When we purchased the villa in 2007 we saw that it had great potential, the villa itself was very well built but had been allowed to deteriorate. The back yard was uninspiring to say the least and this is how it looked. The view is toward the villa from the elevated back patio.

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We decided to completely renovate the back yard and convert the existing carport into a third bedroom. The photo opposite, taken in 2007, shows the cleared back yard and the new construction just beginning, with the West cabana footings in place.

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The work proceeds with the new pool in place in late 2007 and the patio under construction. The East cabana with its thatched roof is also finished.

To perform the work we hired a Dominican architect, working off the designs of a Canadian designer and our own ideas. The work took about 1 year to complete but the results are well worthwhile and our property is now renowned as being by far the most attractive in the district. The construction required a considerable amount of investment of our time in supervising and ensuring that the work was completed to our satisfaction. This was achieved due our previous experience of building projects throughout the Dominican Republic and design work in Canada.
We continue to improve the property. In 2011 we converted the old service room into a fourth bedroom and added an ensuite bathroom. This room has a direct entrance from the patio and can be part of or separate from the villa itself.
In 2012 we were experiencing prolonged power cuts, so we installed a 25KW generator to ensure we would never run out of electricity. In 2014, we are experiencing water shortages, so we are digging our own well as there is plenty of fresh clean water below ground. Thus the villa is now completely independent should the main utilities supply fails. In the meantime the local electricity utility has improved the service by installing new power lines throughout the community, but we always have our backup just in case.